Trez "ThinkStopper" Mala

Stand up Comedy, Confusion, and Conspiracy, in any order you like...

About 'Trez'

Trez Mala is casually hilarious with his “ Finding the Funny “ lifestyle. Trez over the years has developed an obscure perspective in his observations about life, that people take life too seriously, and that he jokes around too much. 


Trez thinks that there isn’t enough laughing going on in this world, so he set out to “Find the Funny” but to bring it to as many people as possible in his life’s journey. Having launched his career off doing Improv Comedy in Las Vegas and studying under the tutelage of the Las Vegas Second City Improv classes and workshops, having been in multiple improv troupes, during that time, Trez sought out to make the natural curious next step into the world of  Stand Up comedy, where he was like a baby sea turtle left out in the wide open, nothing but adventures, good times, lots of laughs, drama, and stumbling onto the occasional Hard Liquor and Handgun Night in various towns all around the country.


When not traveling the countryside doing Stand Up Comedy, Trez makes his War Room Bunker in Las Vegas and works at LA Comedy Club the Stratosphere hotel and casino and Las Vegas Live at Planet Hollywood. His comedy is a collection of life stories, a jamabalya of sketch comedy, improv, and with a hint multiple personality disorder. Having fun is destination number one!


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